Throughout the year we have several semesters of UNITED Groups. In the month of January we start off the year with J-Term, followed by our Spring Semester, then kicking off Summer with May-Term and ending the year with our Fall Semester. Groups are a place to meet and connect with friends as well as learn and share your experiences in your walk with Jesus.

Spring and Fall Semesters
Our Spring and Fall Semesters are 8-10 weeks within a small group setting. Each week, in homes all across the state, groups join together to hang out under a common interest and simply do life together! Each semester, groups range from a variety of different book studies as well as interest based activities such as hunting, fitness, finances, etc.

J-Term and May-Term
J-Term and May-Term consist of a 3-4 week course taught in a large classroom group setting during the months of January and May. Teachings for these terms are carefully determined by our Pastoral Staff based on topics that will be relatable for our guests that attend on a Sunday morning, on a smaller scale than our normal weekly Experience.

Tribes is our weekly small groups for our middle school and high school students. We begin each Wednesday night with an exciting team competition where students compete for points throughout the semester. Students then break off into groups based on age and gender to discuss relevant topics and biblical guidance. Tribes is located at Trinity Wesleyan, 1564 S State Street, Dover, DE 19901, from 6:30-8:00pm.

If you would like to be a part of a group or have any additional questions, visit our Next Steps area before or after any of our Experiences or email Groups@UNITEDChurchDE.com.