Love Delaware

Our Story

“Love Delaware until their heart beats like His.”

These were the words I heard from God as I sat in a worship experience on July 23rd, 2013. I had been serving as a Student Pastor for six years at Calvary Wesleyan Church in Harrington, DE and had loved everything about my job. I worked under an great pastor, had a great team and was seeing God do amazing things in the student ministry. We had seen over 800 students experience new life in Christ and I was believing God was going to do even more.

When I heard those words, it brought me be back to a dream that had began over eight years before when I was playing baseball at Southern Wesleyan University. I was part of a campus sports ministry team that saw revival come to my baseball team and spread to every other team on campus. As I saw the culture of athletes change on my campus, I dreamed of what it would be like to be a part of a church that did whatever it took to see people come to know Jesus. My teammates and I would stay up late and dream about churches that were different, churches that were known their authenticity and excellence, churches that answered questions that people were asking. That dream was planted deep into my heart but I first needed to be involved in a healthy church before I started one.

I found Calvary Wesleyan Church through a mutual connection while they were searching for an open Student Pastor position. They were looking for someone with more experience than I had, but during a conversation with Pastor Ken, I told him if he gave me a chance, I wouldn’t let him down. After six years of serving with him, I now had a new vision for my life. I knew that God wanted me to love Delaware through starting a new church. When I told Pastor Ken where God was leading me, he said “We will do whatever it takes to help you succeed.”

With those words and the financial support to start UNITED Church, I began searching for where God would have me start this new church. It eventually became clear that it would be the city of Dover. The capital of Delaware whom 37,366 call home but 67.9% have no church home, with four colleges, a beautiful downtown, a diverse community and an incredible opportunity for impact; this would be the home of UNITED Church.

“Love Delaware” is UNITED Church’s reminder that we will be a church that is for the state. I believe one day there will be expressions of UNITED Church situated up and down Route 13 all throughout the state. Delaware didn’t need a church that was just in the state, but a church that was for the state. That is why UNITED Church is committed to Loving Delaware. We understand that may seem like outrageous claims, but we like attempting the impossible.

Kenneth Wagner
Lead Pastor